Sculpture from the mid 1970's through the early 1990's

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Plaster Figures
The Poet
Crying Man
Mirror Head
Head with Braids
Figure with Arms Raised
Bulbous Head
Bird Woman
Reclining Figure
Dog Two Planes
Seated Woman
Surprised Man
The Actor
Figure with Small Head
Bust of Frank
Bust of Sad Man
Bust of Soren
Bust of Adam
Plaster with Gold Leaf
Donkey Head
Flat Head
Striding Man
Head with Round Mouth
Smooth Shape
Big Mouth
Wax Figures
Man with Bald Head
Blinded Man
Hideous Head
Dance Cirle
Reclining Woman
Open Hand with Figure
Male Figure
Man with Arms Overhead
Marble Sculptures
Large Fist
Animal and Female Figure
Small Wood Figures
Female with Arms Raised
Divided Woman
Woman Bird Figure
Belly Dancer
Woman with Arms Folded
Woman Clapping
Woman Holding Chest
Two Shapes
Wood Plaques
Smiling Woman
Woman with Red Hair
Round Head Man
Greek Boy
Plum Shaped Woman