Landscapes and Still Lifes

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Baxter Falls
Branch over Roaring Brook
Landscape with Dead Tree
Edge of the Field
Wassataquoik Stream
Path in the Woods
Path in the Woods (small)
Baxter Path
Psychic Landcapes
Landscape with Pond
Landscape with Broken Trees
Landscape with Seated Man
Landscape with Seated Woman
Small Landscape with Two Trees
Silver Woods
Tree on Edge of Pond
Tree on Slope
Landscape with Small Stream
House with Bridge
Landscape Prints, Drawings and Works on Foam Core
Penobscot Rocks
Deer Isle Causeway
Blue Hill
South Blue Hill Boathouse
Blue Hill Rock
Little Niagra Falls, Baxter
Curved Tree After Corot  
Various Landscapes from the Sketchbooks
Still Lifes
Pot Head
Flowers in a French Vase
Bouquet in Empty Room
Beige Vase on Blue
Flowers for Victoria
Red Vase
Flowers in a Korean Jar  
Flowers in a Vase
Beige Vase with Flowers
Wild Flowers
Underwater Landscape  
Pitcher with Apple  
Side Table with Plants
Various Floral Drawings from the Sketchbooks