Works on paper and foamcore from roughly 2000 - 2007

Park Scene
Man in Black Coat
Man in Black Coat
The Hat Seller
Three Men and an Angel
Eight Men  
Descending the Hole  
Meeting in the Woods
In the Cage  
Study for 'Two Men Chased by Bird'
Four Dancers, No. 1  
Four Dancers, No. 2
Three Bathers  
Neck Nibble
Studies for Paintings 2000 - 2004
Study for 'Empty Rooom'
Old Woman and Dancer
Card Players  
Study for 'Card Players'
Card Player study
Card Player Disruption
Study for 'Meeting'
Study for 'Meeting II'  
Study for 'The Registrar'
Study for 'Man in Suit Dancing'  
Study for 'Dumb Show with Black Umbrella'
Dumb show study
Dumb Show Study I  
Dumb Show Study II
Lady in White Dress  
Study for 'Violation Without a Name'
Studies for 'Men Falling Out'
Study for 'Men Falling Out Right (large)'
Study for 'Men Falling Out Right (small)'
Study for 'Men Falling Out Right (small) #2'
Studies for the Neighborhoods and Occupied Structures series
Study for 'Neighborhood with Dancers'  
Backyard Study
Backyard Study 1
Backyard Study II  
Study for 'Neighborhood Man and Child'
Study for 'Back Streets'  
Study for 'Neighborhood from Above'
Neighborhood Study  
Study for Neighborhood Series
House with Three Floors and Trees  
Study for 'House with Three Floors and Nude'
Leaning House  
Study for Occupied Structures
Occupied House with Red Background  
Studies for the Falling Man series
Study for 'And After This?'  
Falling Man Study
Study for 'Unforseen'  
Study for 'An Impropriety'