Works on paper or foamcore from the 1990s

Works with a Pastoral Element
Couple Between the Trees Couple Between the Trees Holy Man in Doorway Holy Man in Doorway
Sirens on the Rocks Sirens on the Rocks Bathers with Beer Mug Bathers with Beer Mug
Bathers, One with Glasses Bathers, One with Glasses Man with Bathers Man with Bathers
Two Bathers Two Bathers Bathers Being Watched Bathers Being Watched
Picnic by the pond Picnic by the Pond Picnic by the Pond wide Picnic by the Pond (wide)
Study, Gardener with Shears Man in Archway
Man in Garden - Long Man in Garden, long Man in Archway Man in Archway
Tree along Wall Tree along Wall Redon Archway with Couple Redon Archway with Couple
Baxter Montage 1993 Baxter Montage, 1993 Stream in Baxter
Studies or Sketches for Paintings
Study for Open Boat Study for 'On Deck' from the Moby Dick Series Study for Last Supper Long Table Study for 'Last Supper, Long Table'
Study for 'The Millenium' Study I Circumcision Study I for 'Circumcision after Titian'
Study II for 'Circumcision after Titian' Study for Asylum Banquet Study for 'Asylum with Banquet'
Study for 'Fete Champetre' Study for 'Dreams in a Crowd'
Man on the Rocks Study for 'Man and Two Rocks'    
'Men Falling Out' Studies
Study for Men Falling Out Men Tumbling Out
Falling Out Left and Right Man Falling Out, Perhaps Pushed
Men Falling Out Left Men Falling from Balcony
Multiple Faces
Multiple Faces sketch 8 Multiple Faces sketch 4
Multiple Faces sketch 11 Multiple Faces sketch 5
Multiple Faces sketch 19 Multiple Faces sketch 20
Multiple Faces sketch 2 Multiple Faces sketch 12
Multiple Faces sketch 1 Multiple Faces sketch 21
Multiple Faces sketch 14 Multiple Faces sketch 6
Multiple Faces sketch 7 Multiple Faces with Hands
Multiple Faces sketch 3 Multiple Faces sketch 10
Multiple Faces sketch 9 Multiple Faces sketch 13
Multiple Faces sketch 15 Multiple Faces sketch 16
Multiple Faces sketch 17 Multiple Faces sketch 18
Individuals and Groups
Droll Man in Crowd Party, After Velasquez
Dashing Man Dashing Man Man with Head in his Hands
Man with Dark Eyes Face with Verticle Stripes
Big Teeth Young Man
Lady Contorted Face
Woman Hideous Face
Figures in Archway Head with Two Faces
Six Heads on a Slant Six Heads on a Slant He Looks up to Her He Looks up to Her
lkjlkj Strange Heads h Face and Grey Mass
I don't believe it Three Heads Untitled Drawing
Urban Scenes
A City Institution A City Institution poip City Scene
ljlkjl Mall Scene 1 jkljlk Mall Scene 2
City Building    
Fairy Tale related Sketches
hgjhjg Arch with Multitude Arch with Multitide II Arch with Multitude II
Fantasy in Blue Fantasy in Blue Fantasy in Grey Fantasy in Grey
Rays of Hope Fantasy with Rays Untitled Untitled
From the Eye Out From the Eye Out Suzannah and the Elders Suzannah and the Elders
Contemplating the Worm Contemplating the Worm Large Head with Cap Large Head with Cap
Punch and Judy Punch and Judy Bird in the Hand Bird in the Hand
Striding Figure with Bird Striding Figure with Bird The Temptress The Temptress
Musical Notes I Musical Notes II
Musical Notes III Musical Notes IV