"The Rowers"

25" x 20"

pencil on paper





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The drawing above is almost an exact model for the Rowers painting on the previous page. Rarely do David's sketches and final paintings match so closely.

The large sketch below might be a precursor to the Rowers drawing above as well as to the painting. Although there are many differences in the images, it does bear some similarities, the dominant figure on the far left and in the lower middle area with the man peering over the edge of the boat. But the differences are perhaps even more significant than the similarities: The small peering man is passive in the sketch below and not staring at the viewer like in the drawing above, and the large figure is looking at the viewer in the Rowers whereas he's looking off to the side in the sketch below. Dates written on both drawings indicate they were both done in August, 1993, but it is not clear which was drawn first.