"In the Hold"

60" x 48"

oil on canvas





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The drawings below are early sketches of the work above. It is interesting how little the final painting differs from these original ideas, at least in a broad, compositional sense. They all share the two central central dominant figures, and each has a cast of characters involved in some sort of drama which takes place in the hold of a ship. The differences between the drawings and the final painting lies in the details: The the nature of the two central figures and even more clearly in the surrounding cast of characters.

The drawing above most clearly resembles the final painting, both from the standpoint of the two central characters as well as the surrounding figures.
In the drawing above, the two figures are much like in the final painting, but the background and the other figures are quite different.
The presence of a circular border in this drawing and in the one below can be seen. Also in the above image there seems to be a mug being held by one of the main actors.
This drawing is perhaps the most different from the painting. Although the composition clearly leads to the final work, the central two figures bear no resemblance to those in the final painting, and the other figures are also very different.