Alone Together and Love, Loss Series


Alone Together

"My series "Alone, Together" has evolved into a series of "interiors", some almost abstract, and some full of flowers. Playing with who is the dominant has been most amusing, in one case a very dark figure outlined in a window, no face of course, is the dominant. The first, almost a copy of the original one that you saw, has a small floor plant in the lower corner. Subsequently it has grown to practically overrun the latest ones. I have finished six and have plans for at least that many again. The paint seems to be squeezing itself from the tubes, alas." - from 2001 letter to Soren Larson


Intimate Silence
Four Figures, One in Baseball Cap
Man and Woman Seated at Table, Surrounded by Experience
Three Figures, Old Woman Right
Woman and Child Through Window
Child in Blue Dress
Two Women on Left Through Window
Woman and Child
1 # 2 in Reds
Four Figures with Hanging Plant
Four Figures, Two in Black (small)
Two Figures, One in Silhouette
Old Woman and Child Lower Left
Interior, Three People, Flowers
Woman in Front of Window
Woman Looking Through Window
Birthday Party  
Two Women (pink and grey)
Love, Loss Series
Lovers in the Woods with Cooler
Landscape with Lovers and Blanket
Couple with Baby
Family Picnic with Cooler